About Us

Live Zakynthos is a fresh all-round guide to the island created out of our love for this beautiful little spot on the map and years of exploration and expertise in the area. Our mission is to promote quality travel and tourism opportunities throughout the region, support local businesses and products and spread the dynamic image of the island of Zakynthos around the world. By using multiple interactive media including original video, photography and real-life stories Live Zakynthos becomes the ultimate resource for visitors to find everything they need to know about what to do and see on the island. This guide looks at Zakynthos through the eyes of the locals therefore it offers a corrective illustration of the real experience of the island as opposed to the cheap over-commercialised holiday packages that tend to miss its essence. We also aim to raise the island&;s profile as a significant ecological treasure by providing visitors with resources in preserving the natural eco-system whilst enjoying an unforgettable holiday.