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Distance (approx.): 11.01Km
Type: Beach
Beach Type: Sandy
Porto Roma Beach Zante

A small and peaceful sand-and-pebble beach next to Gerakas peninsula. Often by-passed in favour of  the more well-known Gerakas, Porto Roma has maintained a quiet and picturesque quality which is favoured by families and couples.

Distance (approx.): 11.39Km
Type: Activity
Activity Type: Family, Museum
Caretta Caretta Exhibition Center

Travelling from Zakynthos town, past Argassi town, you will find a side road that allows you to reach Dafni beach. Right before reaching Dafni, as soon as you enter the road you will find the Caretta Caretta Exhibition Center.

Distance (approx.): 11.51Km
Type: Beach
Beach Type: Sandy

This little paradise is situated in Laganas bay and is a protected wildlife area by the National Marine Park. Strict visiting and mooring regulations apply. It's worth visiting for a dive into the crystal clear waters and to admire the beautiful natural heritage of the island.

Distance (approx.): 11.53Km
Type: Place
Marathonissi island

The small islet is situated in Laganas bay and provides one of the nesting homes for the loggerhead turtle Caretta Caretta. Its turtled-shape formation has evoked a number of myths over the years one of which is that it was carved by the ancients in honour of the visiting creature!

Distance (approx.): 11.72Km
Type: Restaurant
Cuisine Type: Zakynthian, Greek Traditional
Alitzerinoi Restaurant Zakynthos

Located 16km from the town at the mountainous village of Kiliomeno, this exquisite family-run traditional taverna features original 18th century stone architecture, local produce and live Greek music for every occasion.

Distance (approx.): 11.72Km
Type: Activity
Activity Type: Family, Horse Riding, Walking & Trekking
Ampelostrates farm

In the picturesque mountainous village of Kiliomenos is Antonis' farm of Ampelostrates a family-run initiative offering agricultural and seasonal activities following the local traditions and heritage.

Distance (approx.): 11.80Km
Type: Activity
Activity Type: Adventure, Conservation, Family, Not to Miss, Sailing, Sea Kayaking, Volunteering
Caretta Caretta

Earth Sea and Sky has been one of the most innovative and pioneering non-govermental organisation to provide significant conservation interventions on the island of Zante over the last 20 years.

Distance (approx.): 11.86Km
Type: Activity
Activity Type: Shopping

In the mountainous village of Kiliomenos you can find the Women's Agricultural Cooperative  known as Melissiotises (melissa being the Greek for bee). Melissiotises run their own shop where Zakynthian agricultural produce is shared aplenty.

Distance (approx.): 11.95Km
Type: Beach
Beach Type: Sandy
Gerakas Beach

At the southern most tip of the island you will find Gerakas peninsula. The beach of Gerakas forms the eastern part of Laganas bay, is a protected area of the National Marine Park and nesting ground for the loggerhead turtle Caretta Caretta.

Distance (approx.): 12.04Km
Type: Place
Gerakass beach Zante

At the southern most point of the island is the Cape of Gerakas. The beach of Gerakas forms the eastern part of Laganas bay and is a protected area and part of the National Marine Park.