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Distance (approx.): 0.71Km
Type: Activity
Activity Type: Not to Miss
Bochali (or Mpohali) overlooking Zakynthos town

Just 2 km from Zakynthos Town, at the top of the hill is Bochali. Overlooking the port, neighbourhoods and streets below (as well as Argasi to the right) one can take in the wonderful views of the island, the sea and beyond.

Distance (approx.): 0.71Km
Type: Venue
Venue Type: Bar, Cafe, Club
Movida Bar

One of the finest clubs & bars in Zakynthos. Movida is located right at Bochali hill, very close to the Venetian Castle and nearby a number of interesting cafes and restaurants.

Distance (approx.): 0.75Km
Type: Restaurant
Cuisine Type: Fresh Fish
Thymalos fish restaurant Zakynthos

Thymalos is one of the most central and affordable fish taverns in Zante town. You can find it right on the main street by the port (lomvardou) towards the church of Agios Dionysios.

Distance (approx.): 0.89Km
Type: Restaurant
Cuisine Type: Zakynthian, Delivery
Kantouni Restaurant Zakynthos

Rustic cuisine, slow cooked and totally Zakynthian!

Distance (approx.): 0.92Km
Type: Activity
Activity Type: Family, Museum

Grigorios Xenopoulos was one of the most prominent Greek playwriters.

Distance (approx.): 1.12Km
Type: Activity
Activity Type: Not to Miss, Shopping
Pasteli lady sesame seed candy

You cannot leave Zakynthos without having purchased some of the unique local products the island has to offer. Zakynthos is famous for its aromatic virgin olive oil, its raisins, grapes, delicious honey and many varieties of wine including mastelado, avgoustiatis and agiomavritiko.

Distance (approx.): 1.16Km
Type: Restaurant
Cuisine Type: Fresh Fish

Komis is Zante&;s most reputable fish restaurant and a member of the slow food association.

Distance (approx.): 1.62Km
Type: Restaurant
Cuisine Type: Zakynthian, Greek Traditional
Anteti Resataurant Zakynthos

This is one locals&; favourite restaurants. Located near the port Anteti, is a family-run business offering a very small amount of traditional lunch dishes.

Distance (approx.): 1.85Km
Type: Restaurant
Cuisine Type: European, Fresh Fish, Greek Traditional

Located at the heart of Zante town, Aresti is a traditional manson which was renovated back in 1979. You can fnd it by the Red Rock cafe (Kokkinos Vrachos) at Krioneri Lighthouse. Here, you can enjoy a warm atmoshpere surrounded by traditional Zakynthian furniture and family paintings.

Distance (approx.): 2.84Km
Type: Venue
Venue Type: Bar, Cafe

This beautiful lounge resto-bar is located in Argasi one of the top tourist attractions on the island. Portokali Bar offers a garden lounge bar area as well as a dining area presenting traditional recipes with a modern quirky twist.