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Distance (approx.): 7.87Km
Type: Restaurant
Cuisine Type: European

Modern European and International cuisine restaurant right by the beach in Laganas.

Distance (approx.): 7.92Km
Type: Activity
Activity Type: Conservation, Family, Volunteering
Caretta Caretta Loggerhead turtle

Protecting the loggerhead turtle, Caretta Caretta, has always been one of WWF’s priorities.

Distance (approx.): 8.48Km
Type: Activity
Activity Type: Conservation, Family, Food & Drink Tasting, Shopping

Have you tried Zakynthian organic wine? No chemical fertilisers, no industrial weed killers and a secret essential element to organic wine making!

Distance (approx.): 8.83Km
Type: Restaurant
Cuisine Type: Fresh Fish, Greek Traditional, Barbeque
El Greco Fish Tavern

El Greco is one of Zante&;s best fish restaurants.

Distance (approx.): 9.17Km
Type: Beach
Beach Type: Mixed
Dafni Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island with mesmerizing views of Pelouzo in the distance (a protected islet not accessible to visitors), Dafni is part of the National Marine Park therefore visiting restrictions apply.

Distance (approx.): 9.18Km
Type: Activity
Activity Type: Family, Food & Drink Tasting, Museum, Not to Miss, Shopping
Olive Oil Press & Museum

Zakynthos, has one of the finest quality olive oils in Greece and if you&;re passionate about organic food, make sure to visit this olive oil press museum at Pantokratoras v

Distance (approx.): 9.27Km
Type: Beach
Beach Type: Sandy
Banana Beach

A truly spectacular beach, Banana is one of the longest and biggest beaches in Zante. You can find it at Vasilikos (right before Ammos beach).

Distance (approx.): 9.89Km
Type: Beach
Beach Type: Sandy

This small sandy beach is a few kilometers away from busy Laganas with many local amenities. Porto Koukla is a favourite destination with families and groups as there are plenty of waterfront fish tavernas to choose from after a refreshing swim.

Distance (approx.): 10.44Km
Type: Beach
Beach Type: Sandy
Agios Nikolaos Beach (Ammos)

Right next to Banana beach at Vasilikos, you&;ll find Agios Nikolaos beach (Ammos).

Distance (approx.): 10.89Km
Type: Activity
Activity Type: Family, Museum

Founded in October 2000, The museum of Helmis Natural History is an ideal place for kids and grown ups. The museum has a collection of more than 1,500 items including birds, fish, shells, plants, rocks and minerals from the Zakynthian coastline.