Why visit

Zakynthos (Zante) is an exciting and resourceful destination offering an ample selection of creative, leisure and explorative options to satisfy adventurers, nature lovers, families and romantics alike.

Activity and Adventure

From watersports, safari tours, trekking, scuba diving & snorkeling, horse riding and sailing to painting, photography and recreational workshops Zakynthos offers a wide variety of choice for all those who seek new experiences and excitement. You can book these via tour operators or through your hotel. For more information see our activities page.

Beach Breaks

If a holiday by the sea is what you are looking for, Zante is just the place. With a coastline expanding roughly over 123 km and a combination of both sandy beaches and pebbly shores you are bound to find what you are looking for. For golden sandy beaches and shallow and warm waters visit Gerakas, Porto Roma, Porto Zorro, Kalamaki, Agios Sostis (Porto Koukla), Agia Kyriaki (Alikanas), Tsilivi and Alykes among others. For wild scenery and pebbly shores with cool deep waters don't miss Limnionas, Porto Roxa, Porto Vromi, Navagio (Zante shipwreck), Agios Nikolaos and Makrys Gialos. There are many more hidden gems to be discovered around every cove and bay of the island. All you need is a good map of beaches and sun lotion.

Family Holidays

From nature explorations, round-trips, sailing and guided tours to discovering traditional delicacies, shopping in the town or taking advantage of family events and entertainment on offer there are plenty of things to do in Zante to satisfy the whole family. Don't miss Askos Stone Park of natural life in Volimes, Trainaki tour from Zante Town to the Vertzagio Museum at Pigadakia village, a visit to the world-famous Navagio (Smugglers cove), a katamaran tour of the island and dinner at Avriakos Estate in Vanato among others. Visit Zakynthos town and its beautiful Venetian Castle on the hill of Bochali and taste local delicacies fytoura, pretza, pasteli and mantolato in the local markets. There are also many local festivals to be enjoyed by young and old. Check the local information centre for the programme of music, theatre and children's events scheduled for the season as well as our own events page.

Romantic Holidays

Away from the crowds and tourist resorts Zakynthos offers an idyllic destination for a quiet romantic holiday. Explore the mountainous and picturesque villages of Kiliomeno, Exo Hora, Louha, Volimes and Orthonies and watch the sunset from Keri village or scenic Shiza at the top of Kampi. Lose yourself in the neighbourhoods of Zante Town and stroll on golden sandy beaches of Kalamaki and Gerakas. Enjoy moon-lit dinners by the sea and enjoy cocktails until the sunrise in the many atmospheric lounge bars in the town and Argassi.

Sustainable Holidays

Zakynthos' ecological significance has been in the spotlight for many years. The rapid tourist development of the 80s and 90s affected the natural eco-system not only in terms of the conservation of the loggerhead turtle Caretta Caretta and the Meditterenian monk seal Monachus Monachus but also in terms of the hundreds of flora and fauna species found on the island. Following both global and local initiatives and awareness for ethical tourism there are significant efforts by local organisations ensuring the natural world is not compromised by the tourism in the area. There are a few excellent providers like Earth Sea and Sky (for conservation and volunteering projects as well as eco-tourism packages) and Ampelostrates (for agrotourism and agricultural activities) among others.

Weddings in the Sun

Zakynthos is a top destination for beach weddings. More and more couples choose to let their hair down and start their new life under the Ionion sun. Greeks love weddings and really know how to throw a party. There are many local providers that will make sure all arrangements are in place for you from the actual ceremony and reception to accommodation, video and photography packages. A brilliant way to have your wedding on your honeymoon!


Zakynthos is an island of great natural heritage, scenic beauty, artistic influence and diversity combining breathtaking mountainous views with idyllic seasides, busy attractions and reclusive sanctuaries for peace and tranquillity. It is impossible to find yourself with nothing to do on the island. Whatever your interests and particular needs, there is always space for them in Zakynthos. To fully experience the magic of Zakynthos you need to be yourself. So go on, follow your instincts and be inspired...