Things to do in Zante

Activity Type: Conservation, Family, Volunteering
Caretta Caretta Loggerhead turtle

Protecting the loggerhead turtle, Caretta Caretta, has always been one of WWF’s priorities. Through the launch of the 1994 European campaign, WWF managed to secure one of Zante&;s most valued nesting areas for the turtle, Sekania beach.

Activity Type: Family, Horse Riding, Walking & Trekking
Ampelostrates farm

In the picturesque mountainous village of Kiliomenos is Antonis&; farm of Ampelostrates a family-run initiative offering agricultural and seasonal activities following the local traditions and heritage.

Activity Type: Family, Food & Drink Tasting, Museum, Not to Miss, Shopping
Olive Oil Press & Museum

Zakynthos, has one of the finest quality olive oils in Greece and if you&;re passionate about organic food, make sure to visit this olive oil press museum at Pantokratoras village, near Lithakia.

Activity Type: Family, Food & Drink Tasting, Shopping
Ktima Mpasta

If you&;re even slightly serious about your cheese, you must visit Ktima Basta at Agios Leon and try some of this amazingly rich, crumbly and salty Zakynthian Ladotyri. This cheese is prepared in large oil tanks and the more it stays in the olive oil, the stronger the taste.

Activity Type: Not to Miss, Shopping
Pasteli lady sesame seed candy

You cannot leave Zakynthos without having purchased some of the unique local products the island has to offer. Zakynthos is famous for its aromatic virgin olive oil, its raisins, grapes, delicious honey and many varieties of wine including mastelado, avgoustiatis and agiomavritiko. Zakynthos is also home to the locally produced traditional sweets of fytoura, paksimadi, mantolato and pasteli.

Activity Type: Family, Food & Drink Tasting, Museum, Not to Miss, Shopping
Callinico Winery

Right next to Vanato, at the village of Kalipado you&;ll find Callinico, a small traditional three-generation winery producing local Zakynthian wine of surprising good quality since 1918.

Activity Type: Family, Museum
Caretta Caretta Exhibition Center

Travelling from Zakynthos town, past Argassi town, you will find a side road that allows you to reach Dafni beach. Right before reaching Dafni, as soon as you enter the road you will find the Caretta Caretta Exhibition Center. Here you can learn more about the turtle, the monk seal Monachus Monachus as well as the coastal flora and fauna and marine ecosystem of Zante.

Activity Type: Adventure, Conservation, Family, Not to Miss, Sailing, Sea Kayaking, Volunteering
Caretta Caretta

Earth Sea and Sky has been one of the most innovative and pioneering non-govermental organisation to provide significant conservation interventions on the island of Zante over the last 20 years. Founder of the NGO Yiannis Vardakstanis has worked painstakingly to raise awareness around conservation of the endangered species on the island and of their natural habitat as well as promoting a model of sustainable tourism.

Activity Type: Family, Not to Miss

Shiza, at Kampi is one of the best locations in Zante to enjoy wonderful views of the cliffs and sea! You will need to drive up to the Cross, at the top of the mountain to enjoy one of Zante&;s, arguably, best sunset views.

Activity Type: Not to Miss
Bochali (or Mpohali) overlooking Zakynthos town

Just 2 km from Zakynthos Town, at the top of the hill is Bochali. Overlooking the port, neighbourhoods and streets below (as well as Argasi to the right) one can take in the wonderful views of the island, the sea and beyond. You can visit Bochali both in the morning and by night and experience the different atmosphere.


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