Callinico Winery

Right next to Vanato, at the village of Kalipado you&;ll find Callinico, a small traditional three-generation winery producing local Zakynthian wine of surprising good quality since 1918. Despite the fact that Zante is a relatively small island with only 19.000 square meters of vineyards, more than 110 different varieties of grapes grow including; Gustulidi, Pavlos, Skiadipoulos, Augustiatis, Black Rombola, and Katsakulias. 

The typical wine of Zakynthos is Verdea which is a white wine of multiple varieties and which was originally produced back in 1800. The wine is of historical importance to Zakynthos and its name comes from the Italian word "Verde" which means green due to the colour of unripe grapes. Verdea is dry with a sense of oak barrel aging but it&;s normally easy to drink. It has a traditional character with fruity aromas.

In Callinico winery you&;ll have the opportunity to view the authentic machinery used in the past as well the modern equipment used today. In addition, you can wander in the cellars where the wine is aged and the bottles are stored. At the end of the tour, the Calllinico family will talk to you more about the wines they produce and offer you tasting sessions.