Enjoy the wonderful views from Bochali hill

Just 2 km from Zakynthos Town, at the top of the hill is Bochali. Overlooking the port, neighbourhoods and streets below (as well as Argasi to the right) one can take in the wonderful views of the island, the sea and beyond. You can visit Bochali both in the morning and by night and experience the different atmosphere.

In the morning you can enjoy a relaxed breakfast and coffee, at the top of the hill, away from the crowds and cars in the town centre with the light sea breeze a welcoming and refreshing respite against the sizzling hot temperatures of July. We particularly enjoyed cold drinks like frappé coffee (that - let&;s be honest - only Greeks can get right) as well as smoothies, fresh juice and milkshakes. We also enjoyed different options of Greek yoghurt (served with fresh fruit, or honey and cereal) as well as traditional dessert frygania and a rich variety of ice creams and snacks. There are a few cafes and tavernas around keeping to the traditional character of the area.

By night Bochali has a more up beat buzz and energy to it, however it still maintains the familiar un-rushed, leisurely feel of Zakynthian entairtainment. You do not go to Bochali because you want to party out of your head until the next morning (nothing wrong with that either)... you go to Bochali because you savour the luxury of space, time and good company... or because the moonlight view of the sea and sparkly lights of the town below are just the change you need in your well deserved break from reality. That said, Movida club definitely combines chill out lounging in the early evening with a more party atmosphere as the night progresses and regularly hosts guest djs, live acts and theme nights to stir things up. The setting of this resto-cafe-bar is beautiful as it occupies the second best spot on the hill (after the Venetian Castle), therefore has access to the best views of the town and port.