Visit Melissiotises

In the mountainous village of Kiliomenos you can find the Women&;s Agricultural Cooperative  known as Melissiotises (melissa being the Greek for bee). Melissiotises run their own shop where Zakynthian agricultural produce is shared aplenty. Tens of families are subcribed to the scheme each producing fresh and organic products using traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Highly recommended are the traditional virgin olive oil, a number of signature Zakynthian wines, delicious honey, vinegar, herbs, variety of cheese, soap, candles, local sweets, liqueurs, selections of weaves, knittings and embroideries as well as beautiful hand-crafted jewellery, ornaments and decorations.

Whether you are shopping for a gift or for home your visit to the Melisiotisses will give you the real experience of the island&;s agricultural heritage and it will give you a piece of Zakynthos to be cherished until your next visit to the island.