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Distance (approx.): 17.91Km
Type: Beach
Beach Type: Mixed
Porto Roxa

As with Limnionas, this small cove is a secluded resort tucked away from the busy commercialized tourist areas on the island. The deep azure waters are a refreshing break form the heat at the peak of the summer, however come organised as there are not many facilities near by.

Distance (approx.): 18.18Km
Type: Beach
Beach Type: Rocky
Porto Limnionas

On the west side of the island, approximately 7 km from Agios Leon, you can find Limnionas a beautiful cove tacked away from the busy tourist resorts. There is no beach as such and in order to approach the water you need to walk down steep steps formed in the rocks.

Distance (approx.): 18.23Km
Type: Place
Porto Limnionas

Some 25k from the town and just off Agios Leon in the West there is Limnionas a beautiful unspoiled lagoon with transparent and emerald green waters. There is no beach as such but plenty of flat rocks you can sunbathe on.

Distance (approx.): 19.28Km
Type: Beach
Beach Type: Rocky

A beautiful sandy-pebbly beach with deep, cool waters in the north of the island. This is a great destination after a tour of the northern part of the island. The crystal clear waters and small caves found in the little bay are perfect for snorkeling and exploration.

Distance (approx.): 19.36Km
Type: Place
Shiza Kampi in Zakynthos

Visit the small picturesque village of Kampi to the west of the island and follow the steep drive up to the top of the hill where a big cross memorial stands in honour of those murdered during the civil war in Greece (literally thrown off the cliff and sent to their deaths).

Distance (approx.): 19.37Km
Type: Activity
Activity Type: Family, Not to Miss

Shiza, at Kampi is one of the best locations in Zante to enjoy wonderful views of the cliffs and sea!