Facts & Figures

  1. Zakynthos is situated 18 km from Kyllini port in mainland Peloponnisos.
  2. Is the Southern most and 3rd largest island of the Ionion
  3. Covers an area of 406 square km and its coastline is roughly 123 km Is approximately 300 km west of Athens, capital of Greece.
  4. Vrahion is the tallest mount of the island, 758 m in height. Skopos, second mountain comes up to 492 m
  5. Inhabited from the Neolithic age according to findings
  6. Zakynthos was named after the son of Dardanus
  7. Homer was the first to mention Zakynthos in his Odyssey and Iliad masterpieces
  8. Escaped Ottoman domination but was subject of the Republic of Venice for centuries
  9. Has 35,000 permanent residents
  10. Is one of the regions with highest population growth in Greece
  11. Deepest point of the Meditteranean found some 4004 m in the south-east of the island
  12. Zakynthos and Rhodes share top place as having the longest annual sun exposure in Greece
  13. 4 islets: Marathonissi and Pelouzo (Laganas Bay) and the two Strofadia (40 miles away)
  14. There is only 1 town (Zakynthos) and 44 villages on the island
  15. Local produce includes grapes, olive oil, raisins, wine, melons and strawberries
  16. The touristic developent begun in 1965
  17. In 1622 a strong earthquake split Agios Sostis peninsula. Other recorded earthquakes causing great damage to the island include those of 1742, 1791, 1809, 1820, 1893 and 1912. The greatest earthquake was recorded on the 12th of August 1953 (7,3 R) which flattened the old town, killed many residents and destroyed a big chunk of the island&;s cultural and historical heritage
  18. 2 National poets were born on the island: Dionisios Solomos (Greece) and Ugo Foskolo (Italy)
  19. In May 1823 Dionisios Solomos wrote the National Anthem on the hill of Strani gazing across the sea to the fight at mainland Mesologi.
  20. 4 types of traditional Zakynthian music: church music, folk songs, arekies (four-voice a capella structure) and kantades (or serenades, melodic four-voice songs accompanied by madolines and guitars)
  21. 1 airport (Dionisios Solomos Airport)
  22. Caretta Caretta is the endangered loggerhead turtle nesting on the island. 55 days approximately is the incubation period for the nest, 1 in 1000 baby turtles that enter the sea will make it into adulthood, 100-120 eggs per nest, 20-30 years later female turtles return to lay their eggs on their place of birth