Natural Protected Areas

Information provided by the National Park guide

When visiting the Nature Protection Areas be aware of the following restrictions

  • No access to the nesting beaches from sunset to sunrise (approximately 7pm to 7am)
  • Use of umbrellas is only allowed within a 3-5 meter distance from the water.
  • Digging sand where turtle nests are located is strictly prohibited.
  • Keeping a safe distance from the nesting cones at all times is required.
  • All wheeled vehicles are prohibited to enter the restricted areas.
  • Horses and dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.
  • Using light sources at night time is prohibited.

Caretta Caretta turtle nest












When visiting protected beaches

  • Do not leave rubbish behind.
  • Do not throw rubbish and plastic bags in the sea as they are often the source of suffocation for the sea turtles who mistake plastic bags for jellyfish.
  • Do not use torches or light fires on the beach.
  • Do not remove sea shells and starfish from their environment.
  • If you come across any type of violation towards the protected areas please report it to the National Marine Park authorities immediately.

When visiting forests/islets and natural resorts

  • Do not smoke or light fires
  • Take all your rubbish with you
  • Do not pick flowers
  • Report any fire by calling 199 emergency number
  • Keep pets on a lead

Caretta Caretta Protected beach












If you come across marine species in the sea

  • Decrease your boat speed and keep a safe distance (100 m) from dolphins and seals.
  • Do not attempt to approach or follow the animals.
  • Allow the animal enough time to make its way and depart immediately if you notice signs of disturbance
  • If you see a sea turtle keep a distance of 15 meters and do not observe it for more than 10 minutes.
  • Do not attempt to follow, touch or swim with the turtle.
  • Boat speed should not exceed 2 knots during observation time. Boats waiting to observe turtle should maintain at least a 45 meter distance.

Caretta Caretta turtle