Navagio (Shipwreck) and Blue Caves

Two of the most well-known destinations, not only in Zakynthos but the whole of Greece, can only be accessed by the sea. The famous Shipwreck, which is the most photographed beach in the country, is positioned on the west coast of the island under the famous and picturesque mountainous village of Volimes. In 1983 an illegal boat carrying cigarettes was washed off the shore of the Agios Georgios bay as it was then known. In the years that followed the sand ‘swallowed’ the boat exposing only parts of its rusty body thus creating a stunning picture in the surrounding white sand and the crystal clear blue waters of the beach. The Blue Caves on the other hand, are geological formations as a result of erosion found to the east of the Schinari Cape in the North of the island. The vivid azure waters reflect the colour of the sky which is then mirrored on to the walls of the naturally formed arches (caves) creating a magical and surreal effect. To best experience this unique phenomenon one has to visit the caves early in the morning or before sunset. The biggest cave is called Cyanoun Spilaio. To visit the Navagio catch a boat from the Porto Vromi port off Volimes in the West and for the Blue Caves hire a boat either form St. Nikolaos port or the Town Centre.