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Zakynthos Town

The town is best enjoyed on foot. Explore its paved streets and squares and take your time to really explore the local arts and produce generously available from corner to corner. From bakeries to cafes, local markets, sweet shops, clothes and jewellery boutiques to picturesque neighbourhoods, museums and hidden heritage (like the English cemetery), Zakynthos Town has it all.

Porto Limnionas

Some 25k from the town and just off Agios Leon in the West there is Limnionas a beautiful unspoiled lagoon with transparent and emerald green waters. There is no beach as such but plenty of flat rocks you can sunbathe on. The best experience is diving into the freezing cold waters of the bay a combination of sea currents and underwater streams.

Keri lake Zakynthos

Keri is one of the most scenic destinations at the South of the island and is formed by Keri Lake by the sea and a traditional village at the top of the hill. Limni Keriou (Keri lake) took its name by the wetland that is still home to many animal and plant species. Down by the narrow strip of shore and the pedestrianised walk along the sea front you can find many local tavernas, cafes and bars to choose from.

Gerakass beach Zante

At the southern most point of the island is the Cape of Gerakas. The beach of Gerakas forms the eastern part of Laganas bay and is a protected area and part of the National Marine Park. Gerakas beach is one of the most beautiful on the island and the shallow turquoise waters combined with the golden sand and rocky formations in the distance make-up an impressive spectacle.

Anafonitria Monastery

Approximately 25 k from Zakynthos is the small village of Anafonitria situated near Volimes and hosting a beautiful 15th century Byzantine monastery, which was built in honour of the Virgin Mary. It was in this monastery that the patron saint of Zakynhtos, Agios Dionysios, lived the last years of his life as a monk.

Marathonissi island

The small islet is situated in Laganas bay and provides one of the nesting homes for the loggerhead turtle Caretta Caretta. Its turtled-shape formation has evoked a number of myths over the years one of which is that it was carved by the ancients in honour of the visiting creature! Restrictions for visiting the islet are imposed by the National Marine Park in order to protect the nesting grounds in the area.

Strada Marina Zakynthos town

Starting at Zakynthos Port on the Argasi side by the church and bell tower of Agios Dionysios take a slow walk on the sea front, also known as Strada Marina, and enjoy the beautiful scenes of fishermen and sailing boats, local shops, cafeterias and horse-drawn carriage tours.

Bochali (or Mpohali) overlooking Zakynthos town

Just 2 km from Zakynthos Town, at the top of the hill is Bochali (or Mpohali). Overlooking the port, neighbourhoods and streets below (as well as Argasi to the right) one can take in the wonderful views of the town and port below, the sea and beyond. Visit Mpohali in the morning to enjoy a relaxed breakfast and coffee or by night to indulge in a moonlit dinner or cocktails at the many beautiful lounge bars and cafeterias.

Shiza Kampi in Zakynthos

Visit the small picturesque village of Kampi to the west of the island and follow the steep drive up to the top of the hill where a big cross memorial stands in honour of those murdered during the civil war in Greece (literally thrown off the cliff and sent to their deaths). On the way up you will find the Mycenaean cemetery with original tombs of that era.

Navagio Shipwreck in Zante

Two of the most well-known destinations, not only in Zakynthos but the whole of Greece, can only be accessed by the sea. The famous Shipwreck, which is the most photographed beach in the country, is positioned on the west coast of the island under the famous and picturesque mountainous village of Volimes. In 1983 an illegal boat carrying cigarettes was washed off the shore of the Agios Georgios bay as it was then known.

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