When to visit

Zakynthos&; climate is predominately characterised by its warm summers and mild winters. With Rhodes in the Aegean Zakynthos shares the top sunniest place in the whole country. Zakynthos has an average of 300 sunny days annually. Average lowest temperatures are in January (11C) and highest in August (26C). However, lows can approach freezing temperatures and highs can reach 38C and even 40C during the occasional heat wave. Feel free to check our for information on what the weather is likely to be during the time of your visit.


Zakynthos is characterised by its long summer period expanding from May to October which also marks the tourist period on the island. Busiest months are June, July and August. If you prefer a less busy time visit the island in May, September or October. Summertime on Zakynthos means long days, high temperatures and stunning cloudless full moons. Most beautiful times of the day are dawn and dusk. You need a very good sun lotion and a hat under the blazing hot sun at the peak of the day (midday to 4pm). The temperatures are still high in the evening but you might need an extra layer if you are by the sea or on the mountain. Rainfall is rare but can occur.


Zakynthos in December is a completely different place. Even though most tourist resorts are closed for the winter months big hotels in the town remain open and many restaurants around the island open weekly from Friday to Sunday. The temperatures rarely fall below 0 C but winters can be cold and rainy. It is worth visiting at Christmas to experience the true local spirit of Zakynthian culture.

Spring / Easter

Zante in the spring is a real treat. The flowers blossom and the whole island fills up with colour and aromas. Easter is the biggest religious holiday in Greece and Zakynthos, in particular, celebrates it with great formality and passion. Experience the solemn ceremonies culminating to the biggest feast of the year and indulge in the scrumptious Easter goodies under a glorious spring sun and by an inviting blue sea. For those feeling brave a swim in the cool Ionion so early in the year can be an exhilarating experience.